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Lets Wake Up America

Some days I just wake up, look at the news and shake my head. What in the world is America coming to. Seriously what country cannot come to an agreement on a budget? 

I personally am losing my faith in America. We have lost our way. We are so concerned with Democrats did this, and Republicans did that. Instead we should be learning to work together, because sooner or later there will be no one else to point the finger at, and someone will have to sit down and figure out how to fix the issues that we have. 

That starts with putting differences aside, talking and negotiating. I personally have lost respect for a lot of politicians in this country. In what light does it make sense to pay people obscene amounts of money to “run” a country, when essentially all they do is sit and point their finger at the person/group across the room and say it is their fault that we cannot get anything done. Seriously, I want our elected officials to start owning up to their jobs and the oaths they take. If all you are going to do is point fingers and not work towards moving forward, then please do the whole country a favor and step down, so that we can replace you with someone else who will play ball and get this country back to where it should be. 

That being said, I do want to thank those who do their best to try to get this country back on track. I for one appreciate your dedication and willingness to get America back to where it should be. 

I dream of waking up and looking at the news and seeing where political parties put aside their differences, grow up and work together for the common goal of getting America back to the top. 

Now is the time for us ALL to unite. To work together towards a common goal that I believe we all want. Prosperity. For now we appear weak and divided. The world looks at us and some laugh, some hold their breath. For WE are a great nation, and WE have a huge influence over a large amount that happens in this world. Let us join together in this time of need. Let US show the world what it is WE are made of, what WE as Americans can accomplish when WE stand united and working towards a common goal. Let US restore faith in the Great Nation, The United States of America. For it is UNITED WE SAND or UNITED WE FALLl.

I remember when I met you for the first time (both times), it was so amazing

A lot of things have changed since then, but some things havent

I still remember how I felt after talking with you after every bad second

I enjoy that we can relate on a lot of levels, im glad that you understand most of the time what im saying.

Im glad to have met you, because I probably wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasnt for you.

I just wanted to take this whole long message to say thank you, for being there, and being my friend. I just hope you read this

What I would give to go back in time

Four years, or five would be great

To relive my life then again

To repair the mistakes I made back then

I know things happen for a reason

But its hard to respect that reason

When all you feel is that you screwed everything up.

I miss the life I had back then

I miss the friends I had back then

I miss seeing all the people I used to take for granted

I miss being with all my brothers that I shared so many experiences with

What I would give to have a second chance

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